How much do tyres cost? List of Hatchback tyres cost

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Whether you want to change one tyre or all four of it, the first question that will linger in your mind is that how much will it cost?

So next you will call some of your known friends that you feel have know how about car stuffs and try to get a rough idea on the cost. Well, not everyone changes their tyre frequently so it is very rare than someone might remember the right cost. Tyres are something that you need to replace once in 3-4 years and by the time you purchase a new tyre again the cost of tyres might have changed a lot. 

The cost of tyres can vary significantly depending on their size, quality and make. Besides the inflation pressures on the tyre raw material and rising competition makes prediction even harder.

Bigger rim size and wider tyres of brands such as Michelin costs the maximum in all tyre sizes. Whereas Aeolus brand tyres comes the cheapest in all tyre sizes.

Don’t worry here is the price range of all hatchback cars that come in less than 10 lakh rupees.

Entry level Hatchbacks:

Vehicle Model and Tyre Size Price Range (INR)
Tata Nano tyre size : Front – 135/70 R12 and Rear – 135/65 R12 1600-2200
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 tyre size : 145/80 R12 1800-3200
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 tyre size :  155/65 R13 2500-3700
Hyundai Eon tyre size :  145/80 R12 and 155/70 R13 1800-3800
Chevrolet Spark tyre size :   155/70 R13 2400-3800
Renault KWID tyre size :  155/80 R13 2600-4000
Datsun Redi-Go tyre size :   155/80 R13 2600-4000

Mid Hatchbacks:

Vehicle Model and Tyre Size Price Range (INR)
Honda Brio tyre size :   175/65 R14 2400-4900
Tata Tiago tyre size :   155/80 R13 and 175/65 R14 2600-4900
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R tyre size :   155/65 R14 2400-3500
Maruti Suzuki Celerio   tyre size :  165/70 R14 3400-4500
Chevrolet Beat tyre size :  155/70 R14 and 165/65 R14 3200-4500
Hyundai Grand i10 tyre size :   165/65 R14 3800-4500
Maruti Suzuki Ritz tyre size :  165/80 R14 and 185/65 R15 3000-5500
Maruti Suzuki Swift tyre size :  165/80 R14 and 185/65 R15 3000-5500
Tata Bolt tyre size :  175/65 R14 and 175/65 R15 4000-5600
Ford Figo New tyre size :  175/65 R14 4000-4300
Toyota Liva / Cross tyre size :  175/65 R14 4000-4300
FIAT Punto tyre size :  165/80 R14 and 195/60 R15 3100-6300
Nissan Micra tyre size :  175/60 R15 5500-6000
Chevrolet Sail U-VA tyre size :  175/70 R14 2900- 4900

Premium Hatchbacks:

Vehicle Model and Tyre Size Price Range (INR)
VW Polo / Cross Polo tire size :  185/60 R15 3200-5500
Hyundai Elite i20 / Active tire size :  185/70 R14 and 195/55 R16 3200-7700
Honda Jazz New tire size :  175/70 R14 and 175/65 R15 2900-5600
Maruti Suzuki Baleno tire size :  185/65 R15 and 195/65 R16 5500-7700

Baleno tyres as quite expensive owing to wider tyre size and bigger wheel size.



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