How to find a new tyre for my car?

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How to find a new tyre for my car?

Many of us buy a new car without ever giving due diligence to its tyres. The reason being that the tyres always bewilders the most informed ones too. Not much information is available at the car dealerships other than what’s given by the car manufacturers. The truth is when it comes to tyre sizes, most vehicles can actually fit a number of different options, so long as they stay within certain parameters. So if you want to change your tyre size you can either go ahead and buy the Original size or go for alternative size.

Original tyre size

Original tyre sizes comes with a lot of testing and validation that the car manufacturers does on it. Car suspension and brakes as all tuned for that respective size. So going with the existing choice which inevitably 80% of the customers do is the safest choice if you are dealing with a brand new car and you are not the car enthusiast type.

How to start with?

  1. All you need to is go to and select your car make and variant.
  2. Careocar searches the manufacturer specification from its exhaustive database and showcases all the tyres from different tyre manufacturers that can fit in your car.
  3. You make the call on which tyre best suits your needs based on the price, load index, speed rating and warranty life. Voilà you now know which tyre to buy

Alternative tyre size

Not everyone needs to change tyre size. For most drivers, this is done to achieve or improve certain driving parameters on their vehicle. An alternative tyre sizes can offer various improvements, such as a shorter braking distance, good fuel economy, aesthetic appeal, ride comfort as well as drawbacks in terms of drivability, so it is important to understand what it is that you want from your car tyres

How to Start with?

  1.  Go to and select tyre upsize calculator
  2.  Select the car make and variant and click on “Go”
  3.  Careocar singles out all the alternative tyre options that can very well fit in your car.

All our alternative size options are based on engineering feasibility and will not foul with any other component of your car or look weird in aesthtics. For instance you can’t replace a standard 235/65 R17 tyre, with a 165/75 R14 tyre, as the smaller model would require 14 inch wheels that can’t fit the braking discs from the larger 17 inch wheels. Similarly, you couldn’t go up from a 155/70 R13 to a 235/65 R17 tyre due to a look of space in the wheel arch. Cars just aren’t designed to accommodate such great changes, which is why rules such as the 1.5% or -2% are regularly used. 

Advantages of Wider tyres

  • Faster response time and improved cornering stability.
  • Improved grip, better adhesion and shorter braking distance.

Disadvantages of wider tyre.

  • Higher frontal drag hence more fuel consumption.
  • Higher price and increased weight.
  • More tyre noise and increases chances of aquaplaning.


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