Best Crossovers to buy in Diesel: 2017 Comparison

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# 4 Ecosport

The Ecosport was the first successful crossover to come out in India in 2013. It was an exceptional product to suit Indian palates. Though it was marketed well and being just shy of 4 meters made it more production able version for Indian market. While it did get an updated 100 PS engine recently, the rest of the car is just the same. The center console looks obsolete with lack of touchscreen. It lacks in space and all black interior only makes it more cramped. The engine is quite refined but being heavy in body it lacks the feel that you probably would get in Brezza. Ecosport has does have a good steering feel and response, it tends to roll a little too much for comfort if being pushed around corners. That said, it was certainly more comfortable to drive Ecosport than Brezza over potholed roads. It still lacked the ruggedness of TUV300 which is simply unmatched.

The ecosport is neither a driver’s car like Brezza nor can take rough roads like TUV. Its lack of equipment also makes it a slow starter in this race.

Power (PS@rpm):  EcoSport – 100@3750
Torque (Nm@rpm):  EcoSport – 205@1750-3250
Kerb Weight (kg):  EcoSport – 1248
Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton):  EcoSport – 80
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): EcoSport – 164

Length (mm): EcoSport – 3999
Width (mm): EcoSport – 1765
Height (mm): EcoSport – 1708

Ground Clearance (mm):  EcoSport – 200
Tyre Size: EcoSport – 215/60R16

ARAI Mileage (kmpl): EcoSport – 22.7 (manual)

#3 Honda BR-V

Honda’s latest entrant in the crossover bandwagon is BR-V.  It can be very well termed as premium crossover. It got a couple of distinguishing features too like CVT and seven seats rather than conventional five. While TUV300 is also a seven seater (technically), the two side facing seats in boot is at best good for kids only. The BR-V on the other hand has got proper third row seats which can accommodate two adults comfortably. The CVT gets paddle shifters with seven preset points that works well at lower revs and wasn’t a bother at all while crawling over the rocky riverbed. The suspension was good enough to make rough patches on road good enough for third row. The BR-V is good to handle on tarmac road too, though could have does better in this attribute. BR-V’s biggest let down was its lack of equipment. For a car set to compete against Hyundai Creta it stands two segments below. Looking at its price it’s a big no-go as I would demand a lot more goodies in it.

Power (PS@rpm): BR-V – 100@3600
Torque (Nm@rpm): BR-V – 200@1750
Kerb Weight (kg): BR-V – 1275

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): BR-V – 78
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): BR-V – 157

Length (mm): BR-V – 4455
Width (mm): BR-V – 1735
Height (mm): BR-V – 1666

Ground Clearance (mm): BR-V – 210

Tyre Size: BR-V – 195/60R16

#2 Vitara Brezza

The Vitara Brezza is the best crossover that Maruti Suzuki has ever produced but I would say this with a disclaimer that it depends where you drive this vehicle. Well it is a fact that most of the crossovers are driven on good tarmac road and only off-roading that such vehicles will face is when they are pushed through pot holed roads. Nevertheless on smooth tarmac roads driving Brezza was just like breeze. Light weight body makes driving Brezza a fun on highways. Though it is powered by traditional 1.3 litre FIAT engine churning 90 PS of power with 200 Nm of torque, as long as the engine is kept in its power band, you can zip Brezza through all the traffic effortlessly. It’s also very good in handling nut just by its crossover standards. Despite pushing hard on the winding ghats it stayed flat with barely any body roll. That along with precise and lively steering and effortless gearbox makes this an excellent driver’s car.

The car could easily absorb small roughness on road but the stiff suspension complains with loud thuds if you don’t slow down over deep holes. The ground clearance is not a concern as close to 200 mm of clearance can easily escape the worst of speed breakers. Overall Brezza feels like a car that’s been designed specifically for road.

Power (PS@rpm): Vitara Brezza – 90@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Vitara Brezza – 200@1750
Kerb Weight (kg): Vitara Brezza – 1185
Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Vitara Brezza – 76
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Vitara Brezza – 169

Length (mm): Vitara Brezza – 3995
Width (mm): Vitara Brezza – 1790
Height (mm): Vitara Brezza – 1640

Ground Clearance (mm): Vitara Brezza – 198
Tyre Size: Vitara Brezza – 215/60R16

ARAI Mileage (kmpl): Vitara Brezza (manual) – 24.3

#1 Hyundai Creta

This is the all- purpose car with which you can do all – city driving, cornering, long distance trips and sometimes on potholed roads. The car is well designed, handled the rough sections comfortably, the smooth roads even better and generally felt more premium than all the above vehicles. The Creta is powered by 100 PS mill with 200 Nm of torque. The engine is quite rev happy and transmission is geared well to neither leave you bogged down  at lower revs nor wanting for more relaxed cruise on the highways. The suspensions are quite apt for ride and handling comfort. Overall Hyundai is impressive is most of the attributes including features. Though slightly higher priced than Brezza but still worth based on its engineering.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton):  Creta 1.6 – 99
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Creta 1.6 – 202

Power (PS@rpm):  Creta 1.6 – 128@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm):  Creta 1.6 – 265@1900-2750
Kerb Weight (kg):  Creta 1.6 – 1290

Length (mm):  Creta – 4270
Width (mm):  Creta – 1780
Height (mm):  Creta – 1630 

Ground Clearance (mm):  Creta – 190 
Tyre Size: Creta – 205/65R16 (Base/SX/SX Plus), 215/60R17 (SX O)

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