Baleno vs Elite i20: Tyre Comparison Review

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Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai I-20 Elite tyre comparison

Vehicle sales in B2 segment is prominently covered two vehicles Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai Elite I-20. This article summarizes the general tyre need and behavior apart from car manufacturer’s tyre selection. We are intentionally not comparison the OE specification of tyre as you cant get once you loose them.

Tyre sizes

Variant Suzuki Baleno Hyundai Elite I-20
185/70R14 ERA , Magna, Sportz
185/65R15 Sigma, Delta,
195/55R16 Zeta, Alpha Asta

The tire dimensional comparison:

Variant Overall dia Static loaded radius Dynamic loaded radius
185/70R14 615 279 298
185/65R15 622 284 302
195/55R16 621 287 301

Note – All dimensions are in mm


Tyre influence various driving experience behavioral parameter of the vehicle. In this report we would like you to take thought the vehicle requirement and variant wise comparison. Though Tyre is never perfect, it is always balance of performance. 

Road copping: Road copping is better for i-20 era due to higher cushioning over others due to higher tyre cushioning which results in tyre deflection which result in suspension movement .

Road disturbance isolation: Tyre works as isolator between road irregularities  i-20 Era and Baleno Sigma and Delta due to better sidewall height. This indeed result in better ride over long drives and less fatigue.

Road surface round off: Round off on rod surface disturbance is move annoying when car subject to  rolling over on small disturbances and express way gap slabs. I-20 Asta has capability to roll over on disturbance and no impact is noticed while negotiating disturbances.

Steering Effot: When selecting or upsizing the tyre, Steering effort is one of the major thing customer should focus. With I-20 Asta due to higher engineering protected system it is not objected by customer however tyre resist more in case of Asta.

Traction Limit: When driver start vehicle with puch at max torque vehicle spins, I-20 Asta stands for quicker traction from tyres. This leads to lesser slip and less tyre burning during launch.

Braking capability: In emergency condition it is said that tyre saves you more than brakes, Yes it is true tyre has limitation on braking force. Baleno Zeta –Alpha and I-20 Asta stand firm and gives better  braking during emergency braking.

Limit Handling : Boleno Zeta-Apha and I-20 Asta tyres give better linear and predictive handling behavior. This intern result in confidence driving and control over turning road and gradients.

Steering Self return : All vehicles are subjected to EPAS now however steering self return on highspeed is contributed by tyres. Tyres have limitation over slip angle which defines over shooting while overtaking the vehciles.

Driving Precision : Tyre generates forces and torques during turning it forces are perceived by drivers as positive feedback . This enables driver to correct heading I-20 Asta and Baleno Zeta-Alpha gives beteer precision over lower variant of cars.




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