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Are the prices of tyre correct?

In Careocar.com we list tyre prices for reference purposes only. The actual tyre price may vary based on dealer location and tyre manufacturer’s specified MRP. 

Calculated Tyre Results?

In Careocar.com, our tyre calculators are based on mathematic calculations which assumes as if every tyre was made to the exact same specifications. This is not the case as tyres from each manufacturer have small variances in diameter and width from one another. But, physics is physics so in most cases the calculated values will be very close but this is why we provide a list of tyres that are manufactured in each size, after calculating you can select individual tyres to check the actual manufacturer specs for that tyre. Keep in mind, tyre specs are measured with the tyre mounted on a specific rim width and under no load (not installed on a vehicle).

Most tyres on our site will provide a ‘Measured Rim’ spec, this is the width of the rim that the tyre was mounted on when taking the spec measurements. 

How do you know what tyre fits my vehicle?

Original Equipment tyre sizes shown in search results for particular vehicles are determined based on the best information currently available to us from vehicle manufacturers and from manual inspection of new vehicles as they are released. Many vehicles have optional trim levels/packages that include different tyre sizes. In many of the models we have used “All” as an option which uses a common tyre size for all variants.

Since variations based on options or vehicle manufacturer changes may determine the Original Equipment tyre size on your vehicle, always verify the size you are purchasing matches the tyre size for your vehicle in the Owner’s Manual.