Top 5 must haves for long drives !

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Year end is in few weeks and most of us might have planned holidays with family, chipping away from the office stress and city hustle and bustle. Nowadays, traveling by car is convenient and typically less costly than airfare. Road infrastructure has improved considerably and most of the holiday spots can be reached easily by road in half a day period. However, racking up the kilometers comes with its own collection of stress in India. Traffic, detours, and car problems are just the tip of the holiday travel stress iceberg. Thankfully, right planning and right equipment can ease out the stress. These are the five items that you must have in your car before you hit the road.

#1 GPS Navigation

tomtom-via-120Driving from point A to point B has become much easier over the years, as tracking technology like GPS (Global Positioning System) brings the added convenience of many different capabilities. In built navigation is available only in some fully loaded cars only but charged at very premium price. Aftermarket GPS navigation systems works equally well at fraction of cost.

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#2 Tyre Puncture Kit

premium-tyre-puncture-kitIndian roads are unpredictable and a flat tyre can happen to anyone irrespective of tyre conditions. A tyre puncture repair kit can come handy at times. It simple and much quicker, cleaner and easier than changing a wheel – anyone can do this, no physical strength, tools or skills are required.

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#3 Blind spot Mirror

blind-spot-detectorYou can’t fix bad drivers and erratic drivers make criss cross hazardous maneuver on road jeopardizing vehicles on road. It’s equally penalizing if a careful driver misses out an incoming speeding vehicle from behind. Most of the vehicles have blind spot owing to its silhouette so having a blind spot mirror can enhance rear view capability.

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#4 Car Trash Bin

premium-car-trash-binTravelling with family means a lot of squabbling and distractions at the back. Kids and other family members ought to eat snacks, while you drive, creating a lot of trash on the move. Rather than throwing cans or plastic covers out our premium car trash bin is very handy at times of long drive.

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#5 Rear view camera

rear-view-mirrorRear view cameras are becoming more and more popular as a standard safety feature on new cars or they can be installed on older cars too. These reverse cameras can save lives, prevent injuries and prevent damage to your car.  Rear view camera will give you a good view of the surrounding at the back of your car, while taking reverse. This hardware is even more helpful during night time where visibility through ORVM is limited and reverse taking is purely a driver’s intuitiveness or skill.

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