Interior lights: Which is best for you.

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Best LED interior lighting kits to customize your car


Car styling doesn’t only revolve around exterior lights or kits. Upgrading your interior lighting can transform the look of your car just as much as a new set of spoilers. Technology has transformed the way we can customize interior lights and options are plenty. Let’s explore the best ways to upgrade your interior lights.

Standard interior lights

All car manufacturers sells cars with standard interior lights. These are the lights that help you see the inside of your car at night. Although these lights are standard equipment, you can choose to upgrade them by installing new bulbs. Let’s check out the different types of standard interior lights

Dome lights

domeThis, typically located on the middle of the roof of the car, automatically turns on when the any of the car door is open. It can double the purpose of giving warning if any of the door is accidently open. Rear seat passengers can use it to read it for short time.

Map lights

These are located in the front of car generally used by driver and co-driver. As the name suggests, map lights were originally intended to help with reading a map at night. There’s one light on each side, so either the driver or passenger can choose to use their light at any time. Like the dome light, map lights will also illuminate when a door is open.

Door lights or puddle lamps

door-lampAs the name suggests it’s a light that warns you of puddle that you might inadvertently step in. On most cars, there is one light located near the bottom of each door. This light comes on when the door is open and allows the driver or passengers entering or exiting the car to see the ground clearly. These are useful when parking somewhere unfamiliar or off road at night.

ORVM Logo Projector lamps

logo-projectionIt’s a good styling feature wherein you can project a logo on the ground, everytime you enter of exit your car.

Today LEDs, fibre optics and neon lights are making the interiors of cars brighter, adding to practicality and also allowing car owners to show off their individual tastes. 

Neon lights

Neon lights are glass tubes or bulbs that contain a combination of neon and other gases that emit an even, bright glow. Neon tubes are made of high strength glass tubes which can be installed under the dash, speakers and other spaces in the car. Only issues with neon lights are that its not flexible and intricate designs needs special care.

LED lights


Popular because they are cheap and can be used in a variety of ways, LED lights are available as tubes, strips and wires. 

LED light strips can be installed under the dashboard, underneath seats, or in foot wells. You can also find flexible tubes or strips of LED lights, which can be installed along the trim for a unique lighting effect. Not only are LED accent lights easy to install, they’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colours. You can light up virtually the whole interior of your car in any colour without spending a fortune.


In addition to giving off more light, LED bulbs also produce a whiter light than halogen. This allows you to see more clearly, but be careful when turning them on at night. Map lights and dome lights can blind you and other drivers if they’re too bright. If you need to turn these on, be sure to keep your eyes on the road. Do not leave your interior lights on continuously whilst driving. Although customizing your car with interior lighting accents makes your car stand out, it’s not always a good idea. Certain interior lights are unsafe and are therefore not road legal.


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