How to choose Car floor mats

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Spic and span car is what everybody desires but it needs continuous cleaning and attention as Indian dusty roads can wreak havoc. Many times we board our car without paying attention that there could be mud on our shoe or heals. Mud stains the car existing floor carpet and it’s very difficult to remove the stain. During rainy season staining exacerbates due to existence of omnipresent muddy water and having a washable floor mat is must during those days. To ease of the pain of cleaning interiors most of us buy rubber floor mats to cover the floor carpet, mostly at places where we place our foot.

There are wide variety of floor mats available. Let’s explore some of the floor mats available in market.

Rubber Mat

This is something that we all are aware of, in fact car dealer always pitches to sell floor mats to ward of dust and water inside the car interior. Rubber mats are known for their durability but they cannot absorb or soak in water and mud like cloth mats. So it needs to be regularly cleaned and at max washed.

Cloth Mat

Available in a range of colors, cloth/carpet mats are soft and have a rubber back which prevents them from slipping. They are flexible, washable and are absorbent which make them ideal in the rains and muddy conditions. Though they lack durability but have good aesthetics to match up with.

How to take care of floor mat

Many a time, customers are swayed with cheaper options such as vinyl floor mats but they are flimsy built and do not look as good nor are as effective as a rubber or cloth mats. Hence it’s all best if vinyl floor mats are avoided from beginning. Secondly, care needs to be taken that the mats are not folded and stepped upon. This creates a crease on the mat and if kept so for long then it will tear from that crease. Driver side mat should not be pushed all the way till clutch pedal as it hampers complete clutch disengagement and mat do tear off at the pedal joint. Nowadays, most of the floor mats come with hooks which clamp well with the floor and doesn’t move during usage.

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