Child Safety while driving in Car

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PIGLOO Baby Car Seat Belt Safety

piglooCar seat baby carrier is developed with safety and comfort. It is a good partner of parents and they can enjoy the time with their baby when outdoors. The Body contact parts uses a Soft, breathable, sweat absorbing material which makes it more comfortable. It is made according to children ergonomics, with many parts of protection and fixation, a sponge inter-layer which makes your baby more comfortable and safer in the car. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, making it convenient to clean. It comes with Installation Method with photos to help you to make your child sit in the right posture and easily install the Car Seat Belt Cushion Straps in the right way. Recommended for ages from 7 Months (Able to Sit Down) to 6 years old. Product Features:- Materials: Oxford Cloth, Sandwich Fishnet, Sponge, Letter Magic Sticker, Snap Ring, etc. Package: PVC + Non-Woven Bag Weight: About 780 g Specifications: 30 * 75 cm Suitable Age: 7 Months (Able to Sit Down) to 6 years old.




Unique Gadget Child Safety

uniqueThe portable baby safety seat cushion is treated as the savior of baby’s safety and a new star among the family of baby car seats. The restricted and reasonable design, it is not only as safe as the traditional baby car seats but also to install, carry and wash easily. INSTALLATION: 1. Take two belts of back of cushion down through the gap between headrest and backrest of seat. 2. Take two bottom belts of the back of cushion up
through the gap between backrest and pad of car seat. 3. Lock the buckle of the belt, and tight it. USAGE: 1. Put your baby on cushion, hike protection abdomen pad, lock the shoulder buckle and abdomen buckle. 2. Pull out the three point safety belt of car seat, take the buckle through protection abdomen pad isolated layer, then insert it into the car seat safety belts.

Note:Baby safety seat cushion must be used to car safety belts. Material: Soft environmental sterile fabric. 


Baby on Board Sticker

baby-on-boardPerhaps its one of the most useful sticker on the backlite of your car. Rash driving and irratic traffic is the leading cause of accidents. With family on board especially children special care needs to be taken for their safety. “Baby on Board” sticker gives indication to car drivers to take precaution while overtaking or even speeding as any accident could prove fatal for the small child.


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