Central locking system for your car safety

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Car theft is a big nuisance in India and having a central locking with alarm is a must for vehicle owners. Regardless of which vehicle you drive, or how often you drive, central locking is not only convenient but can also help keep you safe on the road. Whether you own an entry compact or a premium sedan, you can securely lock and unlock all your vehicle’s doors at the touch of a single button. Central locking systems have buttons on a remote attached to the key. The car can be locked or unlocked with the remote. Some remotes have a button to set off the car alarm.

It will naturally depend on the type of central locking that you choose to have installed, but you can opt for the conventional installation or the selective central locking. When opting for selective central locking you will have control over each of your vehicle’s doors and the boot. You can open the driver’s side door, or the passenger’s side door or the boot selectively. This is just another level of convenience and one of the many benefits of central locking in cars.

Advantages of Central Locking

  • Won’t lock your key in the car: When you get in the habit of using your keys to lock your car, then the chances of locking your keys in the car is virtually zero. No more stomach churning realizations that you just slammed the car door with the keys still in the ignition, and no more call out fees for a locksmith either!
  • Won’t drive with open car doors: There are central locking installationsthat automatically lock all the vehicle’s doors as soon as the ignition is turned on. This means that should you forget to lock the doors then the central locking will automatically lock the doors for you. This is also true when you park your car and leave it unlocked for a span of time. The central locking will kick in and lock the car for you, keeping your vehicle safe.

Every key has a unique code which is matched with the code in the alarm system. Once the key is used to lock the car, an immobilizer goes off in the engine. Only when the onboard computer detects the same code from the car key will it unlock the immobilizer in the engine. When the immobilizer is on the engine of the car will not start.

Additional benefit of central locking car remotes are that its extremely useful for locating your car in a car park. People lock and unlock their cars with the remote and the sound and blinking lights help you locate your car. These remote locking systems work on the principle of radio waves.

The latest trend in remote locking is keyless entry or PEPS (passive entry passive start). The car does not come with anything in the shape of a key. There are electronic key cards that never have to be taken out of your pocket. The car detects the key which can be in your pocket, hand, bag, etc. Once the key is in certain proximity of the car, the car automatically unlocks itself. The start button can be used to start the car. As long the key is in the vehicle the car will keep going. 


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