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Music, like the other fine arts, is what feeds the soul and touches the body, moving it.  Music has become a part of our life to the extent that it has become the best thing to relax our mind. While driving, music is also the best way to relax our mind from traffic woos and irritating honking. Music can also fit to our moods, as well. Listening to Radio Mirchi, when we are in exhilarating mood or going for long drive. Nice old songs in vividh bharti can make you nostalgic and romantic at times. For sure, we spent a good amount of time behind the wheels and car stereo is indispensable.

Many of the car models have factory fitted car stereo but it need not give the best performance. Turn up your car’s stereo to a healthy level and listen. Do you find yourself turning the treble control way up to make the music sound clear? Do the bass notes sound hollow and exaggerated? When you drive, do you turn up the volume for a song you like, but then turn it down immediately because the sound is a little irritating? Maybe it’s time to invest in a good car audio system. But, if you are entirely blank on how to find a good stereo system then the road to better sound can be a long and winding one. Here are a few things to keep in mind along the way.

Replacing your factory system

Your vehicle’s factory system consists of a stereo and some speakers. In the vast majority of cases, if you replace these, your music will sound better. Sounds pretty simple. So what’s involved?

Will I ruin my car?

No, you won’t damage your vehicle if you install a new stereo. But it’s important to install an aftermarket receiver properly. If the prospect of dismantling the car is a little intimidating, get a good mechanic to help you through. So what do you get for your trouble? The average aftermarket stereo will have the following advantages over a factory stereo:

  • more power — for cleaner sound and better bass response, which you’ll notice even at lower volume levels;
  • better AM/FM reception — more stations, less drift, better FM stereo;
  • more effective tone controls — a factory stereo offers basic bass and treble adjustments, but a more sophisticated aftermarket receiver has control options that allow you to get the sound exactly the way you like it;
  • more entertainment options — most stereos let you play music from your phone or control a satellite radio tuner, and they also offer auxiliary and USB inputs so you can plug in a portable music player. A growing number of receivers let you stream music and make calls using built-in Bluetooth® connectivity.

Brands to lookout for

If you are driving a car like Alto or i10 then entry level car audio systems like Pioneer, JBL, Kenwood, and Sony should suffice. They provide value for money preposition with decently head units, coaxial speakers and amplifiers.
For the mid-level car audio systems, check out Blaupunkt, JBL, JL Audio and Sony. These brands provide good head units, with features like touch screen, a dash-screen for playing movies, Bluetooth connectivity, component speakers, and high power amplifiers.
The high-end car audio scene is as crowded as the other segments, Rockford Fosgate, Nakamichi, MTX Audio, Kicker, JL Audio, Infinity, Harman Kardon and Alpine are some of the best brands available in the country.



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