Best fog lights for cars

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Its winter time and fogs are pleasant scene to view but equally disturbing to drive car through. Fogs or heavy rains hamper visibility and while driving you have to drop speed to avoid accidents. A good fog lamps are very much needed during heavy fog or rains because there are times when it is simply impossible to see anything even with headlights on.

Whether your vehicle comes with factory fog lights, or none at all.. you’re going to want to have the best light output.This can be achieved by either replacing your current bulbs, or placing aftermarket fog lamps right underneath your headlights.

AutoSun Car Fog Lamps

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Excellent led bulbs connected to the parking switch & main bulb is connected to upper beam. It will completely changed the look of your car. Its installation is pretty easy and should not cost more than 500 rupees. It is easy to get installed on the bumper not inside. 

Motoway Car Fog lamp

These LED halo projector fog lamps are miniature size, you can pretty much install these for any cars, SUV or trucks either replacing the existing fog lamps or add on as fog lights. High power LED lighting output, each lamp’s max wattage is about 10W. This product comes with a premium quality glass projector lens, which makes the light beam very focus and projects the light much fairer than regular model.

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Vheelocityin Car Fog lamp

Advantage of this fog lamp is its low power consumption, long life expectancy and super bright and long lasting LED light bulb

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