Best Car Navigation systems for your car

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Many times it happens that we went out to visit our friends and relatives in unknown part of the towns and we got lost in the wilderness of city roads. Thanks to perennial construction activity, diversions, flyover and new roads that always create confusion and memorizing road directions a herculean task. This problem have been to some extent alleviated by the introduction of GPS based navigation systems in modern cars. The Navigation systems receives signal directly from the GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) satellites and identify the relative car position and direction. The navigation system helps you to find the route to your destination using various databases like road network, traffic conditions, and shortest route. Having a right system configuration is equally important as there are multitudes of GPS navigation systems available in market. So what is it that we should look for when we go to buy a navigation system?


Screen Size: Bigger the better! The size of the navigation system should be large enough to have clear visibility but at the same time it should not hinder the visibility through front windshield. So if you are planning to mount on the windshield then the size should not be more than 5 inch. But if you have plans to mount on dashboard (which most of them are) going for a 7 inch or more is the best. Here are the best four navigation systems that is worth buying.

MapmyIndia Icenav 301 Navigation and Entertainment System with Latest Maps


Icenav 301 is the latest entry to MapmyIndia product portfolio which along with premium look and feel also provides astounding sound quality which makes it must to have system for your car. What makes device special is ability to set variable illumination colors basis your car interiors and mood. Further you can set customized wallpapers to make it more personalize.

  ₹ 21000    ✓ Check Price and Availability here

Garmin Nuvi 2565 LM Navigation System


Garmin nüvi 2565LM presents a unique GPS and Driving Recorder (optional) combo all-in-one design. It takes less space between windshield and interior, reducing  blind side and no hindrance to driving. nüvi 2565LM is not just a GPS, but giving you a new navigation experience too. Plus, with FREE lifetime map updates, you always can hit any unknown places anytime.

   ₹  16253     Check Price and Availability here

PG723G – 7 inch GPS Car Navigator Tablet with MapMyIndia Maps

pg723gYou can now literally go off the beaten track and explore the country like never before. A perfect travel companion as you navigate your way! The model combines the best of navigation and multimedia right at your finger tips!



   ₹ 13999    Check Price and Availability here

 Mapmyindia LX356A Black Front Center Car GPS For Universal Cars


Mapmyindia’s this new piece serves dual role of a GPS navigation screen and a reverse camera once connected with it. All necessary software is already installed making it a very cost effective yet a handy piece. Along with it comes Car Charger , Mount Head , Wind Shield Mount , Usb Cable ,Owner’S Kit- Quick Start Guide , User’s Manual Customer Warranty Card & Terms Of Use.


 ₹ 8877 ✓ Check Price and Availability here


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