Accessories that you should not go for

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Bull bars

Bull Bars, as accessories have its own risks unless it comes standard from the manufacturer. It may adversely affects the working of the crumple Zones. Modern cars are designed to collapse in stages, which determines how hard or soft certain components in the line of impact are. When you add a hard component and then mount it to something behind the first soft impact component, you are definitely at risk. 

Maybe you’ll smile when you inflict minor injuries, but you’ll suffer more at bigger impact.

Rear spoilers


Spoilers are stuff that are designed for racing cars to create downforce at high speeds, which pushes the back down and provides cornering grip. It is generally mounted at the back on trunk lid. Most aftermarket spoilers that one gets at car accessory shops are merely for show and attraction, and don’t really create any downforce. In fact, road cars are perfectly capable of cornering at the limits they’ve been designed with without the need for spoilers. All an aftermarket spoiler will do is add drag as the car cuts through the air, which will result in lower fuel economy.

Bigger tires that could foul with underbody

While tire upsizing can be beneficial at time but going with big rims can definitely go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. Making a shift from stock 14-inch wheels to slightly larger and sportier 15-inch ones wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the manufacturer’s tire size, you are inviting trouble for your car. If the overall wheel diameter (rim + tyre) of your new fancier tire exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tyres can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump.

HID lamps

Driving requires effective coordination of visual, motor, and cognitive skills. Visual skills are pushed to their limit at night by decreased illumination and by disabling glare from oncoming headlights. High intensity discharge (HID) headlamps project light farther down roads, improving their owner’s driving safety by increasing the time available for reaction to potential problems. Glare is proportional to headlamp brightness, however, so increasing headlamp brightness also increases potential glare for oncoming drivers, particularly on curving two lane roads. This problem is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering, glare sensitivity, and photostress recovery time.

Low profile tires

The side profile of tires are important element to give cushion effect when you go over bumps. In race cars where they are bound to be driven on even roads high speed cornering is given more preference rather than ride comfort. Lower the profile, stiffer the suspension and better cornering ability of the car. In case you have chosen ultra-low profile tires then it could transmit more forces to the car’s suspension, adding significantly more wear and tear to the various suspension components.

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