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Interior-Navigation System



A navigation system is a very handy technology to save you from getting lost and avoids nasty need of asking people on street for directions. It also improves the resale value of your car with a neat touch on your dashboard. But in the age of smartphones, do we really need car navigation systems anymore? We’ve listed some of the advantages of in-car navigation.




  1. Hands free navigation and no bother of flimsy mobile holder if at all you are using smartphone as substitute.
  2. Looks nice with new design and screen can be used for reverse camera too.
  3. Increases the resale value of car.

Interior- Styling Light




Features: Soft light that does not hurt the eyes. It has no radiation effects, Electric power consumption less, environmentally friendly and length can be easily cut to install.

(1) energy: Its has low power consumption, so there is a better energy-saving and hence fuel economy.
(2)There is no flicker and shine is more stable. Help to improve visual resolution, to improve the effectiveness; continuous operation reduces visual fatigue, help protect eyesight.
(3) stable input power and output luminous flux: high-quality products with good regulation performance, power, voltage deviation is large, can still maintain a constant power source, stable light intensity, is conducive to energy conservation.





Dual Color, Blinks in yellow with the indicators and illuminates in Blue color for rest of the time. The all new Neon Lights Give your Car an all New Young Look. These are fitted inside your cars headlamps.


Accessory-Stylish Stripe Body Cover



Autofurnish Stylish Aqua Stripe Car Body Cover – Arc Aqua Blue New stylish and Elegant Stripe design gives a whole new look to your car and side mirror pockets to give extra care to side mirrors. Highly Durable and Long Lasting Water Resistant material protects your vehicle against wet, humid and dusty climatic conditions.

 Accessory-interior decoration


Exterior- Styling